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    muero de la risa.


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    Kanye West on VH1 Storytellers (2008): “When I made ‘Good Life’… I was very rich already. But if I think back to when I was making The College Dropout thinking this wasn’t what I expected. I mean I didn’t expect the losses. I didn’t expect everything to work out well. I expected real life. And then… I suffered the worst pains to help me to grow. So those experiences, I’ll never ask to take them away because they’re all in God’s plan. And help make me the man that I am today. And help make me more of a soldier and a vessel. Because if I hadn’t suffered those losses, I might be scared or too scared to fight the war on traditional thinking.

    i miss this kanye

    Stfu ^

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    media hypocrisy 

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    I seem to be the only one who likes it when his alarm clock goes off.

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  11. No se mucho de agricultura, Pero si te siembro un vergazo

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    I am this cat on so many levels

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    Viva Mexico?

    Dato curioso, el vestido (Oscar de la Renta) que porta la primerísima dama, tiene el mínusculo costo de 13, 000 dólares.

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